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RENet Project

RENet project focuses its overall objective on strengthening Higher Education (HE) of quality and fostering academic and administration capacity building and regional integration of HEIs in energy areas. Likewise, RENet seeks the specific goal of designing and developing new training and technological tools to improve graduate and postgraduate academic capacity of partner universities in the area of energy access and efficiency. Finally, the project is intended to respond to the needs of the society and the labour market and foster south-south institutional networking. In addition to developing this project , the possibility of collaboration in the field of renewable energy and access to energy opened

RENet-Renewable Energies Education Network is in line with the ACP development agenda jointly agreed between the European Commission (EC) and the ACP Group of States, in which EC acknowledges the relevance of energy as driver of poverty eradication. Thus, EU projects should focus on three main challenges: price volatility and energy security; climate change, including access to low carbon technologies; and access to secure, affordable, clean and sustainable energy services.

Accordingly, the RENet proposal seeks to streghthen HEIs in the area of energy access and efficiency and in the field of Renewable Energies by enhancing their academic capacities through the discussion, selection and implementation of teaching materials, building or enlarging technological labs and fostering south-south institutional networking.

Fact sheet of the project.

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